Monthly Psychodrama Training
September 2017-June 2018

Friday afternoon every month
1:00PM to 4:00PM

Are you interested in the mind/body connection?  Psychodrama
is a powerful methodology which incorporates the body, mind,
and the unconscious.   It helps our clients to work through
issues by using action methods to concretize what is in their
heads:   when you can see in 3 dimensions what was previously
in your mind only, you can start to better understand your issues
and to change them.  Psychodrama is a method that you learn by
doing your own work.  

If you are trained in family therapy or family systems work,
psychodrama is an excellent adjunct to your training.  
Psychodrama is an effective way to work systemically with

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About the workshops:
Workshops are is designed for therapists and other
professionals who wish to learn the fundamentals of
psychodrama.  Each training session will incorporate different
aspects of the method. You will learn about the 5 elements of
psychodrama and how to use role reversal to re-create the
family system when family members are dead or otherwise
unavailable.  You will learn why working in the "here and now" is
so powerful.  You will gain experience with techniques such as
the empty chair, role reversal, and doubling.  You will also learn
how to "concretize" issues, use metaphor, as well as “act out"  

Here are workshops scheduled for fall 2017 and spring 2018.
(Dates subject to change.)

September 22, 2017:  Doubling.  Doubling is a technique that
allows therapists to convey understanding to our clients. It can
also be used with couple, families and groups to help family or
group members feel understood. It is a powerful tool that is
fundamental to psychodrama.

October 20, 2017:   Role-Reversal.  Role-reversal is a powerful
technique that allows us to step into someone else’s shoes.
Using role-reversal with couples and families can help build
empathy among family members/couples.  Learn how to use this
important psychodramatic technique to enhance you
clinical work.

November 17, 2017:   Concretizing Metaphor.  Our clients often
use wonderful language that poetically describes their
circumstances, their thoughts, or feelings.  Learn how to put this
language into 3 dimensions to deepen your work.

15, 2017:    The Empty Chair.  This workshop will
explore relationships through the empty chair.  The empty chair
is an excellent technique to help clients express thoughts and
feelings towards important people in their lives in the here and

January 19, 2018:   Doing family therapy with individuals using
the social atom.   Sometimes we wish to understand family of
origin issues or current family relationships but are unable to
get the family to participate in therapy. This workshop will help
us explore family relationships, our "social atom," using role
reversal, a technique which allows us to work with systemically
with individual clients.

February 16, 2018:   Forms of vitality:  This workshop will help you
to develop a better connection with your clients.  You will
understand the difference between focusing on what your
clients say -- content-- and how they are saying it --process.
Attending to process allows you to tune into your clients' subtle
changes in mood, thoughts, and feelings.  You will learn how to
be more present in your work.

March 18,  2018:
The Diamond of Opposites: working with
ambivalence in action. Ambivalence can be crippling because we
can become stuck in indecision and put our lives on hold. This
workshop will help you explore your ambivalence by putting it
into concrete form.

April  20, 2018: How to tell your story in action. This workshop will
focus on the key elements of psychodrama including the walk
and talk, scene setting, role reversal, doubling, and using the
mirror position.  Content will focus on family relationships.

May 18, 2018: Telling our stories in action. This workshop uses
the elements of role reversal and doubling and will teach the
importance of scene setting in order to help us tell our stories in
action.  Content will focus on loss.

June 15, 2018: Termination: Saying goodbye in action.         
Ending relationships can be both gratifying and difficult.  In this
workshop we will explore how we end relationships.   Insights
gained will help you make your terminations more powerful by
concretizing gains through action.  Different ways to concretize
thoughts and feelings will be explored.

About the group leader:
I am an experienced LCSW, Certified Practitioner and PAT of
Psychodrama wtih 20 years of experience working with
individuals, couples, families, and groups with a wide variety of
issues. I have supervised (certified in NJ) social workers, family
therapists, and counselors for 17 years.  I have a passion for
teaching family therapy and psychodrama--two very powerful and
complementary methodologies.

I am a Certified Practitioner and a PAT of psychodrama with 10
years of experience, which allows me to provide you with up to
160 hours of training towards certification.  In addition, I am the
Associate Clinical Director of Family Service League, a local not-
for-profit counseling agency, a staff PAT at the Psychodrama &
Creative Arts Institute, NYC, and an Adjunct Associate Professor
at NYU.

When: One Friday afternoon, 1:00-4:00PM, each month.
Where: Upper Montclair, NJ
Fee: $50 for each session.  Discounts available for signing up for
more than one workshop.

Contact: Paula Ochs LCSW, CP, PAT
Monthly Psychodrama Training

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