Weekly Psychodrama Group

Psychodrama is a form of psychotherapy that recognizes the
important connection of the body, mind, and unconscious.  It is an
interactive form of individual and group therapy that puts
thoughts and feelings into action.  By utilizing the mind and the
body we gain access to the unconscious which can be a
shortcut to more effective therapy.

This group is geared toward professionals including therapists,
lawyers, medical professionals, teachers, and those involved in
the arts. Adult students are also welcome.  If you experience anxiety,
depression, have experienced loss, or are feeling uncomfortable with
your anger, this group could be a good place for you to explore these

About the group leader:
I am an experienced LCSW, Certified Practitioner and PAT of
Psychodrama wtih 22 years of experience working with individuals,
couples, families, and groups with a wide variety of issues. I have
supervised (certified in NJ) social workers, family therapists, and
counselors for 19 years.  I have a passion for teaching family
therapy and psychodrama--two very powerful and complementary

I am a Certified Practitioner and a PAT of psychodrama with over 10
years of experience, which allows me to provide you with up to 160
hours of training towards certification.  In addition, I am the
Associate Clinical Director of Family Service League, a local
not-for-profit counseling agency, a staff PAT at the Psychodrama &
Creative Arts Institute, NYC, and an Adjunct Associate Professor at

When: Thursdays, starting September 20th 2018, from 7:00 until
Where: Upper Montclair, NJ
Fee:      $450 for 10 sessions.

There are partial scholarships available. Full time students get
10% off.

Paula Ochs for more information.
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