Professional Development

Professional Development Workshops

Workshops are available for clinicians and supervisors at all levels of

For LSW's, learn the
Basics of Family Therapy in this one day workshop.  
You will learn to assess clients, develop workable hypotheses, and execute
targeted interventions via role play.  Contact
Paula Ochs for details.

The Professional Handicap Workshop is an intensive training designed to
help the clinician to identify personal issues that interfere with professional
effectiveness.  This workshop was inspired by the work of
Maurizio Andolfi,
director of the Accademia di Psicoterapia della Famiglia in Rome, Italy who
ran this workshop each spring for 25 years.  Participants will identify one
"handicap" to explore with the group via sculpting, a powerful, non-verbal
experiential technique.  For more information on sculpting see articles by or
Virginia Satir, Peggy Papp, and others.  This training is offered
quarterly.  Contact
Paula Ochs for details.

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