Paula Ochs LCSW, CP, PAT               Jude Webster DSW, LCSW

Are you working with children and adolescents and feel that you
would like to know how to engage the parents in your work in
order to enhance your effectiveness with your clients? Are you
unsure of how to help your individual adult clients resolve
issues with family or origin or current family members? If you
answered yes, you will benefit from this 1
0 week course,
Foundation in Family Therapy Intensive
. We offered this course
last year
and were approved for CEU's.

This 1
0-week intensive training in family therapy in Northern NJ  
offers clinicians in private practice and in agency environments
a foundation in family therapy. Participants will gain an
understanding of
: why family therapy is a revolutionary step in
the importance of family dynamics; the role of
intergenerational dynamics in the family structure; the
importance of the body/mind connection; and the development
of the self as therapist.

We have applied for 20 CEU's. We were approved for CEU's when we
last offered this course. If re-approved, Social Workers, MFT's and
LPC's are eligibles for CEU's.

For registration and more information on Foundation in Family Therapy  
Paula Ochs.

This course is appropriate for licensed social workers, especially
LCSW's, family therapists, and counselors who are interested in
learning how to do clinical work with couples and families.

Paula Ochs and Jude Webster will draw on their rich experience as
active clinicians, supervisors, and educators in order to teach beginning
and intermediate level clinicians who wish to treat couples and families.
Both Paula and Jude have taught and supervised for many years and
have found that experential leaning is the most powerful form of
learning.  They use a unique combination of Structural, Developmental,
and Psychodramatic theories in their work.   

Participants will learn that current and past events and relationships,
both physical and psychological, along with enviromental factors, have a
profound effect on couples and families.  They will provide instruction
using video-taped sessions from Minuchin, Andolfi, Zerka Moreno, and

other master clinicians. They will also reference writings from leaders
such as Thomas Szasz, and Daniel N. Stern designed to challenge
common assumptions about mental health.  Participants will engage in
role-play and sculpting in order to learn the concepts.

Participants will be able to…

1.    Gain an overview of family treatment and its relation to clinical
2.    Reframe problems from an individual to an interpersonal
3.    Develop skills in making systemic and developmental assessments
and interventions that embrace current relationships and events and
include the dynamics of family of origin.
4.    Learn how to incorporate movement/action in assessments and
interventions with a wide range of clients.
5.    Develop multi-cultural sensitivity in assessing dysfunctional patterns
and acquiring knowledge of appropriate interventions to alter family
6.    To demonstrate a knowledge of ethical dilemmas in family practice
and how to address them.
7.    Identify how participants’ roles and experiences in their family of
origin and current life have an impact on the therapist/client relationship
and treatment.

A certificate is provided at the end of the course.

Paula Ochs LCSW, CP, PAT
Paula Ochs is an experienced family therapist, psychodramatist, and
certified supervisor practicing in New Jersey.  She is the founder and
director of Chrysalis Clinical Supervision and Training, which specializes
in the professional development of social workers
, family therapists, and
at all levels.   She is an Adjunct Associate Professor at NYU
and has  taught
family therapy at the graduate level and institute level.
She has presented workshops on Family Therapy in Action,
Psychodrama, and Supervision in Action, at universities and
conferences around the country.  She has trained intensively with
several master therapists including Sal Minuchin, Maurizio Andolfi, and
Jeff Zeig.

Jude Webster, DSW, LCSW
Jude Webster has been a family therapist for twenty-five years. She has
been in private practice in Montclair, NJ for the past eleven where she
specializes in women’s reproductive health and clinical supervision.  
Currently she co-runs a clinical supervision group for social workers
training for their clinical license. As a trained movement therapist she
pays close attention to the relationship between mind and body in her
work. She teaches at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, and
frequently presents her work at conferences around the country.

When: Thursdays, beginning October 18, 2018.
Where: Upper Montclair, NJ

Registration is $595.  Register by September 28th and receive 10% off.
All requests for refunds and other grievances must be directed in writing
Paula Ochs.

Please contact Paula Ochs for instructions for disability access. Chrysalis
Clinical Supervision & Training is wheelchair accessible.
Foundation in Family Therapy

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