Welcome to my website.  I am a well-seasoned
practioner, supervisor and educator who specializes
in family therapy and the mind/body connection via
psychodrama.  I have 20 years of experience
counseling families and couples. I also have
extensive experience working with groups and
individuals with a wide range of issues including
loss, stress, and life/family transitions.  I am a teacher
and supervisor of family therapy on the graduate and
institute level.

New Workshops and Trainings

  • I am now offering a 16 week Family Therapy Intensive
    which starts Tuesday morning, January 31st  2017.  30
    CEU's are available.
  • Please join me at the ASGPP Conference in Clearwater,
    Florida.  I wil be presenting The Family Life Cycle in
    Action. For more information on the conference click
  • My Thursday night psychodrama group resumes
    January 19th, 2017. Click here for more information.

There are other services/trainings I offer. Please click on the
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Clinical Supervision and Training

  • Do you strive to be the best clinician you can be?
  • Do you have a passion for learning?
  • Are you an LSW who needs supervision in order to obtain
    LCSW licensing?*
  • Are you a seasoned therapist who feels comfortable working
    with individuals, but usually refers families and couples out?
  • Are you an experienced therapist who wants to enhance
    your work using powerful techniques from psychodrama?
  • Are you a supervisor who needs occasional consultation for
      clarification around ethical or other issues?
  • Are you a supervisor who is interested in learning how to
    use techniques from psychodrama in your supervision?

If you are interested in Counseling Services click here.
If you are interested in
Psychodrama click here.

I offer clinical supervision for LSW's, LCSW's, and Family Therapists
focusing on clinician's strengths while providing challenge in a warm and
supportive environment.  For more information on me, see
About Paula

I believe that those who want to help others through therapy need to
develop the best skills they can.  Some of these skills can be called
techniques but mostly, clinicians of all levels of experience need to
develop self knowledge--an understanding of the fundamental beliefs and
values which drive the clinical decisions they make at any point during
therapy as well as an understanding of our professional handicaps.  Good
supervision helps us to stretch ourselves so that we have the potential to
help a wider range of people with a wider range of problems.

Supervision helps the clinician grow by using the clinician's strengths as a
starting point and then providing guidance and challenge in a supportive
environment. A supportive environment creates the opportunity to  take
risks, develop new skills and new ways of thinking.

I believe in an ecological approach to therapy and supervision and the
mind/body connection.  Therapists need to understand their clients in the
contexts of their lives --how internal systems--both physical and
emotional-- interact with external systems like family and community. I help
clinicians see how their own internal and external systems interact with the
clients' systems and how to improve this interaction so they can be most

Supervision is tailored to the clinician's level of experience, training, and
learning style.  Social Work Supervision is available for LSW's and for
more experienced LCSW's who want to hone skills, expand areas of
expertise, and/or strengthen their own therapeutic voice.  Supervision is
also available for experienced LCSW's who are supervising or wish to
supervise other therapists.

*Supervision is required for LSW's who wish to obtain LCSW licensing.  See NASW
FAQ's on supervision

Supervision is available one-on-one and in groups.  To learn more on how
supervision is offered see
Supervision Modalities.

Family Therapy Supervision is available to help family therapists
(MFT's, MSW's and other degree holders) who want to focus on relational
issues in order to improve their skills for working with couples and
families.  Supervision is also available for therapists who want to develop
skills for working with groups.  Family Therapy Supervision is offered one-
on-one and in groups.  I incorporate action/psychodramatic methods into

Psychodrama Training
I am a Certifiied Practitioner and PAT which means I can offer you up to
160 hours of training towards your certification in psychodrama.  Training
includes didactic experiential learning of techniques including empty chair,
role play and role reversal, concretization, working in the here and now, as
well as the social atom.

Supervision Modalities
Social Work Supervision, and Family Therapy Supervision are
offered both one-on-one and in groups.  Learn more about
Supervision Modalities.

Counseling Services
I offer counseling to families, couples and individuals, and groups, who are
struggling through difficult transitions. Transitions are times when we are
most stressed and when difficulties can overwhelm us.  These include
forming new relationships--personal and professional; conflict, losses
including death, divorce, separation, moving, empty nest, and loss of a job.

For more information on the Foundation in Family Therapy Course
Social Work Supervision, Family Therapy  Supervision, Counseling
Services or Psychodrama contact Paula Ochs.
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